The sustainability of X-Roof

Newly built homes must meet increasingly stringent requirements. And those requirements will only be tightened further in the years to come. In addition to energy performance, environmental performance is becoming increasingly important: after all, the measures we implement must pay off environmentally as well. Exasun is committed to contributing here.
Many products are not currently registered in the environmental database. As a result, developers are not able to use the data relating to those products in their calculations. They have to work with inaccurate and pessimistic standard data and also allow for a margin of error of 30% to 60%.
Exasun, however, has invested in a life cycle analysis (LCA) to determine the environmental performance of its products. The results are known and have now been included in the environmental database. This information not only provides attractive figures that developers can use for their calculations, it also enhances design flexibility.
When you choose X-Roof, you have no margin of error to allow for, you can use the exact data and X-Roof has better values than the glass-film panels in the environmental database. Especially when you also consider the lifespan, which is more than twice that of the glass-film panels.
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