With passion for innovation

At Exasun, we are driven by technology. Innovation is in our DNA and we constantly seek the best solution. We develop with a broad view of the various markets and applications and with an eye to the future. We work together with leading parties such as TNO and TU Delft. We won the Solar Innovation Award twice, in 2015 for our BCG module technology and in 2019 for the X-Color technology.

The technology behind our product

Glass-glass construction

Our solar panels have a glass back. This prevents moisture ingress, reduces the risk of microcracks and is also non-combustible.

Strong, robust and tested

Our panels are made of toughened double glass in a small format. This makes our X-Roof system even suitable for prefab construction. The panels have been tested by Kiwa for wind resistance, watertightness and fire resistance and are resistant to hailstones up to 9 cm.

Easy to maintain

The panels are individually removable. Installing frameless modules in a shingled manner keeps water and dirt on the outside and prevents dirt from accumulating at the rear.


Good natural ventilation keeps the modules and the roof cool. The panels also have a non-combustible glass back.

Maximum yield

The smaller size means that complete roofs can be fitted with panels. Thanks to three diodes, an optimizer is not necessary and the panels are less sensitive to shadows.

The most beautiful roof

Our panels have a matte appearance and are also available in color. They connect seamlessly to the roof, without a visible mounting system.

Quick installation

Both X-Roof and X-Tile are very easy to install, faster than roof tiles in combination with solar panels on the roof.

Lifespan of more than 30 years

The low degradation, high reliability due to the glass-glass construction and robust cell technology together ensure a service life of more than 30 years.


Our solar roof systems connect to the roof, chimneys, windows and neighboring roofs. We also aim to have X-Tile connected to all Wienerberger roof tiles by the end of 2022.

We keep innovating…

Color technology (2021)

With our unique and award-winning color technology (patent pending) we offer the most beautiful colored roofs with minimal loss of power. The panels are available in terracotta but might be available in other colors in the future. Due to the unique pigmentation, no degradation takes place over time.

Circular Cradle-2-Cradle panel (2023)

Current products are already produced with as few harmful substances as possible in order to make recycle streams as pure as possible. The next development is a 100% circular panel that can be separated into separate parts after use. We are carrying out this project in collaboration with technology partners DSM and TNO.


X-Roof modellen inladen in BIM en CAD


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Maak kennis met X-Roof


X-Roof ziet er niet alleen strak uit, maar is ook een heel flexibel systeem. Met behulp van passtukken sluit het perfect aan op de dakkapellen en dakramen. Dat bleek ook in de Delftse wijk Schoemaker Plantage.Voor dit 92 woningen tellende project koos Royal BAM Group nv in eerste instantie voor een ander indaksysteem. Dit voldeed echter zowel […]
Productie van zonnepanelen in Europa


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