Sustainable in every way

Our ambition

At Exasun, we believe that to produce electricity for buildings we need to make much more use of the enormous amount of energy that the sun provides. As a developer and producer of solar panels, we offer sustainable solutions that are made in the most sustainable way possible. We challenge you to join us in contributing to the first ExaWatt of solar-generated electricity.


We develop solar roof systems from materials that last as long as possible, contain as few toxic raw materials as possible, and can be upgraded to new products as much as possible after use. Our panels are therefore free of PFAS, which is present in standard glass-foil panels. The low degradation, high reliability due to the glass-glass construction and robust cell technology ensure a service life of more than 30 years.

We continue to look for new solutions that are even more sustainable. For example, we are working on a circular Cradle-2-Cradle panel that can be disassembled at the end of its life and the parts used again for the same or new applications.


Exasun has a small CO2 footprint. We produce our solar roof systems locally, at our own production location in The Hague. Where possible we source raw materials from European suppliers. This is how we avoid international transport. The energy we use for production is also cleaner than the energy used for this purpose in China. Production takes place under good working conditions and stimulates local employment. We love to give people opportunities so we hire people from different backgrounds, including some who have not previously been part of the labour market. This makes us proud to call ourselves a social entrepreneur.


Our building-integrated solutions are a perfect example of functional integration. In contrast to on-roof systems, X-Roof and X-Tile can be fitted without the need for roof tiles. This saves raw materials, energy and CO2 emissions from production and transport. Our panels are also frameless and smaller than average in size. This allows us to make optimal use of the roof surface and generate more power from the roof than with standard panels.


Exasun also supports various NGOs. For example, we sponsored the solar panels for a refugee camp in Greece and for a hospital in Burkina Faso.


Duurzaam Nieuws! Exasun ontvangt financiering van 9 miljoen


Duurzaam Nieuws! Exasun ontvangt financiering van 9 miljoen voor het bouwen van een compleet nieuwe PV assemblage lijn en om internationaal verder op te schalen. De investering komt van ABN AMRO Sustainable Impact Fund, Invest-NL, Wienerberger en de bestaande aandeelhouders ENERGIIQ, Dockpoint en No Such Ventures.  Deze investering is een belangrijke stap op weg naar […]
Exasun interview BNR Nieuwsradio


Luister hier naar de uitzending van BNR Nieuwsradio - Harm Edens TheGreenQuest met Exasun #BIPV oplossingen #XRoof en #XTile. Enthousiaste reacties van jurylid Wisse Hummel voor de Betaalbare, Waterdichte, #Esthetische In-Dak zonnesystemen voor particuliere en seriematige #woningbouw
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In heel veel zonnepanelen zit lood. Da’s best gek, want dit materiaal is volgens de Europese wetgeving verboden. Voor zonnepanelen wordt het gebruik gedoogd omdat men deze zo belangrijk vindt. In het begin kon dit ook niet anders: er was geen alternatief. Maar inmiddels is het helemaal niet meer nodig om lood in zonnepanelen te […]