SOLARNL: Large consortium commits to large-scale production of Dutch solar panels

Proud to be part of SolarNL! With an ambitious plan, a large consortium of Dutch solar companies wants to give the solar industry a leading position in Europe. The consortium brings the plans together under the name: SolarNL. The goal is to build several plants in just a few years, building on ambitious innovation programs. A collaboration between companies and research organizations.

The goal: high-efficiency circular solar panels that take into account the specific requirements of the European and Dutch markets. For example, they should be much easier to recycle, more aesthetically pleasing and also applicable on vehicles or on roofs not suitable for standard panels. With the entire production chain on European soil! Important because the EU is heavily committed to greater energy independence by increasing competitiveness in “net-zero technology. To make the program possible, the parties have applied for a grant from the National Growth Fund. Read more at