X-Roof & X-Tile

Roofing that generates energy

X-Roof: a complete PV roof without the use of roof tiles

The X-Roof system provides complete roofs for houses, without the use of roof tiles. This creates a roof that consists entirely of PV panels and therefore delivers a maximum yield. You can realize any roof with only five parts. Of course, it is also possible to place X-Roof between tiles.







190 Wp/m2 

600 x 820 mm 

26 kg/m2 

Pitched roofs: new construction and renovation 

Instead of roof tiles

Simple installation, faster than roof tiles with on-roof solar panels.

A complete system with which you can realize any roof.

X-Tile: an invisible solution between the pans

X-Tile is an in-roof system where the PV panel is located between the roof tiles. The panel fits perfectly and therefore becomes an almost invisible part of the roof.







160 Wp/m2

1052 x 380 mm

25 kg/m2

Between roof tiles

On normal battens using a limited number of accessories

Simple installation, perfect fit on roof tiles.

A complete system for tiled roofs.

Why choose X-Roof and X-Tile?

The most beautiful roof

Our panels have a matte appearance and are also available in terracotta. With a concealed installation system, they have a sleek finish and fit seamlessly onto the roof.

Strong, robust and tested

Our panels are made of toughened double glass in a small format. They have been tested by Kiwa for wind resistance, water resistance and fire resistance and are resistant to hailstones of 9 cm.

Easy to maintain

The panels are individually removable, while the tile-like arrangement of the frameless modules keeps water and dirt on the outside and thus prevents dirt from accumulating at the rear.


Good natural ventilation keeps the modules and the roof cool. The panels also have a non-combustible glass back and have been successfully tested by external laboratories.

Maximum yield

The smaller size means that the entire roof can be fitted with panels for maximum power. Smart ventilation hoods ensure as little shade as possible. With X-Roof you get more power from your roof than with large on-roof panels.

Minimal environmental impact

We produce our panels in the Netherlands, ensuring a small CO2 footprint. We limit the use of heavy metals as much as is possible and unlike many glass-foil panels, our panels do not contain PFAS.

Quick installation

Both X-Roof and X-Tile are very easy to install. An X-Roof roof installs faster than a tile roof with regular panels. The X-Tile panel can be installed on a standard batten.

More than 30 years of carefree energy

The glass-glass construction guarantees low degradation and high reliability. Together with the robust cell technology, this ensures a service life of more than 30 years.

Order Exasun products

We work exclusively with Wienerberger for the sale and distribution of our solar roof systems in Europe. Order our products through Wienerberger. For Spain, Portugal or countries outside Europe, please contact Exasun directly. sales@exasun.com.


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