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5 reasons to choose for the best and most beautiful solar module on your roof

All EXASUN solar modules contain the superior Back-Contact-on-Glass technology (BCG-technology).

1 – More power generated on your roof

You generate more power with the Dutch BLACK GLASS solar module. The BLACK GLASS module generates no less than 290 to 310 Wp as compared with 250 WP when using a standard module.
This high efficiency is achieved thanks to our unique metal-wrap-through PERC-monocrystalline silicon cells and the very low electrical resistance of our flexfoil technology.

Besides, the performance ratio (kWh/kWp) is higher. As a result of both a superior ARC coating on the glass plate and better heat contributions to the air, the yield under conditions of low sunshine and of very hot temperatures is considerably higher as compared with a standard module. As a result, you generate more power [kWh].

2 – Very long lifetime (>30 years) results in lowest cost per kWh

In conventional modules, the rear is composed of a plastic foil. These foils enable penetration by water vapour, resulting in oxidation. This oxidation causes the yield to decline each year by some 0.7 %. This sounds minor, but eventually accumulates considerably.
For BLACK GLASS, we apply 2 mm tempered glass, both at the front- and at the rear side of the module (for our BLACK ROOF even 3.2 mm at front– and rear side). In this manner, water vapour cannot penetrate. On top, we apply a much better (UV stable) encapsulant, a high quality Junction-Box and high quality connectors. Finally, high production quality can be warranted because we produce the modules ourselves in the Netherlands.

With all of our BCG modules, you will get a lasting high yield at a life span that stretches far beyond 30 years. This has large implication for the cost per kWh: you can generate your own power at lower cost per kWh than a large coal power plant!

3 – A 30 year warranty on both the module and its performance!

Standard glass-foil modules have an expected lifetime of 10-15 years and a corresponding product warrantee. Research results of solar modules that have been produced in the 80’s, provide evidence that glass/glass modules have a lifetime of over 30 years. The European Joint Research Center in Ispra (It.) Het Europees Joint Research Centrum in Ispra (It) has installed different types of solar panels on its roof. As from 1982 onwards, the yield per module has been monitored Most of the glass/foil modules stopped functioning after 10-15 years, whereas after 32 years of operation, glass/glass modules still generated 93% of their original yield!

The BLACK GLASS module the world’s first solar module that combines innovative back-contact technology (for high efficiency) with a glass/glass module construction (long lifetime). EXASUN has conducted many durability tests. Given the excellent results of these tests, we can guarantee both the products and their yield for all of our products in which BCG technology has been applied.

4 – Beautiful, elegant, sleek design

The BLACK GLASS module consists of black cells with a unique and sophisticated pattern on a black background. It does not have an ugly edge because a frame is not needed for a glass/glass module. The module is attached to the roof with a strong steel back rail at the rear. This construction is very fine and, moreover, is strong enough to enable walking on the modules. The module has been tested for up to 450 kg load.

5 – Additional value at the selling of your house

According to a survey by ABNAMRO Bank (major Dutch bank), solar modules nowadays increase the value of your house. As a result of both the beautiful aesthetics and the lengthy warrantee period (30 years), EXASUN modules offer a substantial added value compared to standard modules once you consider selling your house.