High-quality Solar Roof Systems from the Netherlands


  • A complete PV roof without the use of roof tiles
  • Faster installation than a tiled roof with an on-roof system


  • PV roof tiles for seamless connection between the roof tiles
  • Quick installation on the same substructure as the tiles.

We develop and produce high-quality solar roof systems in the Netherlands based on our own design and on our own production line. As an exclusive partner of Exasun, Wienerberger handles sales and distribution in 33 European countries.. Outside of this territory we handle sales and distribution ourselves. Through years of experience and with a passion for sustainability and innovation, we have developed a superior in-roof solar system with a lifespan of more than 30 years. With Exasun systems you quickly finish any roof to be  watertight, energy-generating and aesthetically pleasing.

Order Exasun products

For more information, please contact Wienerberger in the country of your choice. For all other regions, please contact Exasun directly: sales@exasun.com.

Exasun in a nutshell

Since our founding in 2012 we have received several awards for innovation and technology. In 2015 we won the Solar Innovation Award for our BCG module technology. We started production in the Netherlands and introduced X-Roof in 2016. In 2019 we won the Solar Innovation Award for the X-Colour technology and introduced X-Tile. Our products have now been applied to more than 1000 homes. Thanks to our partnership with Wienerberger, our products will soon be available throughout Europe.

Dutch production location


Years of experience

Applied to >1000 homes

More than 56 million

kWh of energy generated

35 Employees with 9 nationalities

2 Solar Innovation Awards

These companies believe in our products

Rosa and Leen

Homeowners with X-Roof in Delft

“They look like roof tiles but are completely integrated solar panels. It is something to be truly proud of!”

Prof. Dr. Wim Sinke

Principal Scientist Solar Energy at

TNO Energy Transition

Photo: Jeroen Oerlemans

“A high electricity yield with a sleek appearance. And the placement between two glass plates provides a robust roof element. Advanced technology combined with sustainability.”

Johan Melius

Project manager at Heijmans

“A full solar roof without roofing tiles: that is a really great innovation for the building industry.”

Jury Report

Nomination "De Rotterdamse Architectuurprijs 2019"

“On the roof at the market side, the rooftiles have been replaced with solar-panels in a dark and neutral color. This makes the panels hardly visible and allows the roof to retain its premium aesthetical appearance.”

Marcel Boereboom

Head of project management at Herkon Project Development

“This is the first time we used X-Roof on a project and it was really successful. We are really excited and will do this more often. X-Roof also proved to be an excellent solution for the social housing section.”

Henk Keemink

CEO of Solar & Led Europe

“We more than gained the extra time we invested at the start of the project. Once you master the working method, it goes very quickly. And I think it is a great looking system." 

That's why you choose Exasun

Technologically and qualitatively strong

Our solar roof systems are robust and fireproof, perform better than regular solar panels, and have a lifespan of more than 30 years. This is quality that pays off.

Beautiful design

All Exasun solar roof systems have an attractive design and a concealed installation system that makes them an almost invisible part of the roof. By using our award-winning color technology, the panels are also available in color for seamless integration into existing buildings.

Sustainable in every way

Due to the long lifespan, local production and small CO2 footprint, our solar roof systems contribute to a better environment. The  Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of X-Roof provides solid evidence for this. We limit the use of heavy metals as much as possible and unlike many glass-foil panels, our panels do not contain PFAS.