Business case

Quality pays off!

Prices of solar modules have dropped over the recent years by over 85%. Partly due to a fast growing production capacity, mainly in China, but surely in the race to the bottom lesser quality and cheaper materials are used to lower the prices of PV modules. Lowering the quality levels mainly has an effect on:

  • Shorter lifetime – the durability of todays  standard (glass-foil) PV modules is 7 to 10 years.
  • Less electricity produced – a lower performance ratio ( less electricity (kWh) produced for every kWp of power)

Where PV modules make up for 40% of the total cost for a solar installation, for a good return-on-investment it is more important to look for long guaranteed durability and high performance for a reasonable price than to only select on price per module (or per Wp).

EXASUN BCG modules come with a warrantee of 30 year on both product as well as performance; for standard modules this is only 10 years on the product and 25 years on performance. Note that the standard performance guarantee is only valid if the module still works!

The EXASUN BCG modules’ performance ratio can be up to 15% higher than a standard module.

Consequences for your Return-on-investment (ROI), your business case

Almost in all situations a better ROI is established using EXASUN BCG modules, due to its:

  • Longer and guaranteed lifetime of at least 30 years
  • Higher output as a result of a higher performance ratio
  • Lower degradation; only 15% over 30 years. (Guaranteed up to 85% performance after 30 years)

Taking these effects into account the payback time is the same for standard modules compared to EXASUN, However after this a standard module will reach its end of lifetime shortly whereas the EXASUN modules will at least until 30 years continu producing “free” energy, and turning your businesscase into a good solid investment.