EXASUN was founded in 2012 as a spin-off of LineSolar, a company that focusses on the development of CPV technology (for solar farms). EXASUN is financed with private funds only. The company therefore has a strong balance position.

Lowest cost of solar electricity (cost/kWh) are secured by applying high quality materials that lengthen the lifetime of the modules. EXASUN can produce cost-effectively as a result of its automated production process, low overhead costs and the avoidance of costly sea transport from Asia. EXASUN will, thanks to an intensive R&D program, launch several new products in the next 12 months.


Founding and start-up of the company
Research in cooperation with research institutes and machine builders


Granting of Dutch R&D subsidies
Successful financing round
Development of production process


Granting of European R&D subsidies
Development of production machines and start of pilot-production
Validation tests BLACK GLASS prototypes successfully completed


Market introduction BLACK GLASS
Start series production of production line 1


Market introduction of the Black Roof system.

Move to a larger location in the Netherlands for building-up production line 2 in order to allow the scaling-up of production volumes..


Market introduction of Black Facade, the high-quality solar facade system. First project: the facade of the ABN AMRO (Dutch leading bank) Sustainability Pavilion in the south of Amsterdam.