About Exasun

EXASUN is an innovative Dutch Solar PV producer. We produce Glass-Glass solar modules with a high efficiency and a lengthy lifetime.

Production line

Over the past years, EXASUN has developed its advanced production line in cooperation with suppliers, European research institutes and renowned Dutch machine builders. In addition to the Black Glass module (60 cells, 1×1.6 m), we also produce innovative BIPV modules for, amongst others, a waterproof PV-roof (Black Roof) and for PV facades (Black Facade).


During 2017, a production line with an initial capacity of 150 MW will be realised in phases at the current Dutch location. In the period up to 2020, the capacity will be increased in phases to over 1 GW, possibly also at other (international) locations.


EXASUN increases the speed of preservation by means of innovations that reduce the cost of solar electricity, by means of local production and local suppliers and by means of better aesthetics.


Lowest costs of solar electricity as a result of a long lifetime are enabled by applying high quality materials. As a result of an automated production process, low overhead and the elimination of sea transport from Asia, EXASUN can produce in a cost-effective manner. In the next 12 months, EXASUN will, thanks to an intensive R&D program, launch several new products.