Hoogwaardige, esthetische zonnepanelen. Ontwikkeld & geproduceerd in Nederland

High efficiency

18.0-18.6% module efficiency because of lower shade and resistance losses.

MWT cells
Flex foil interconnection
High performance

MWT cells & structured, ultra-clear hardened glass with antireflective coating enables 4-7% more yield.

Higher light absortion
Lower NOCT
Very long

30 years of product and performance guarantee because of optimal protection by the back glass and better encapsulant.

Glass-Glass construction
Very Strong
Elegant and slim design

Panels are frameless & completely black or in color and can be integrated into buildings.

Tension free
Produced in the Netherlands

Development & production of panels with clever and fast installation systems in The Hague


Our advanced PERC monocrystalline Metal Wrap-Through cells have both contacts accessible on rear side of the cell. Therefore they do not need bus-bars and have less shadow losses. have no bus-bars and therefore have less shadow losses.


A special copper foil connects the cells in series which reduces the electrical resistance losses by a factor 6 compared to a standard module using bus-bars.


Structured, ultra-clear glass coated with a durable anti-reflection ensures higher energy gain even with sunlight with a small inclination angle.


The copper foil and the rear side glass have better thermal conductive properties. Together with lower electrical resistance in cell and module, it reduces the module temperature, resulting in a higher performance.


In conventional modules the rear side is made of plastic (e.g. PET). These foils are permeable to water vapor which leads to oxidation and degradation. Thanks to the use of 2 or 3 mm front and rear side glass and a UV-stable encapsulant, the BLACK GLASS module has a enduring high performance.


The back rail, made from high quality galvanized steel (from EU) improves the support and pressure distribution compared to a standard framed module. Combined with the double layer of tempered glass the modules can easily be walked on. (max pressure > 450 kg).


In a standard module the cells and cell connections suffer high mechanical load due to wind load and thermal expansion. This can result in to micro cracks or cell breakage disabling the module. In our Glass-Glass module one glass sheet endeavors pull where the other glass sheet push forces. The cells are placed exactly in the middle where there is no tension; the neutral tension line. This minimizes the chance of cracks or cell breakage.


The high quality junction-box has 3 bypassdiodes and is successfully tested and certified for salt-spray.


Because of our clever mounting systems panels can be installed quickly and be easily integrated into roofs and facades

The first solar manufacturer in the world who is able to combine the best cell technology – back contact cells– with the best durable module technology – glass-glass.

Over the recent years EXASUN has developed the BLACK GLASS solar module in close cooperation with several material suppliers, European research institutes en renowned machine builders. In combination with the BLACK GLASS module, production processes and production machines have been developed. Today EXASUN produces these solar modules in its own production facility in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Development and production

EXASUN was founded in 2012 and today is fully privately funded, resulting in a strong balance position. Use of high quality materials ensures a long durability and therefor the lowest cost of solar energy (€/kWh) can be reached. EXASUN can produce cost effectieve through an automated production process, low overhead costs and no costly sea transportation from Asia.

Zonnestroomsystemen kunnen een aantrekkelijk onderdeel vormen van woningen en andere gebouwen. Achterzijdecontactcellen combineren een hoge elektriciteitsopbrengst met een strak uiterlijk en inpakking tussen twee glasplaten levert een robuust dakelement. Geavanceerde techniek gecombineerd met duurzaamheid.

Prof. Dr. Wim Sinke

Trotse bezitter van Exasun X-Roof systeem