EXASUN is a synonym for products of high quality. For the selling and installation of our modules, we therefore closely cooperate with selected Premium Installers.

In case you consider to become a EXASUN Premium Installer, please contact us for an acquaintance with EXASUN (for the Netherlands) or with the Premium Distributer in your country (other countries).

We do understand that it is important for you as an installer to get quality products at competitive prices.

But that is not all. We think it’s important to support and coach you so you can offer the best solution for each situation.

A growing number of clients understands that not the costs per Wp but the costs per kWh are of importance. We therefore provide you with the proper tools to calculate the costs per kWh in the right manner. In that way, your clients can make well thought-through decisions.


EXASUN is a strong and competent producer of quality products. This ensures you of high quality solar energy products at sharp prices. We supply your products expeditiously at each location of choice.

Our team is very experienced and knows PV technology from A to Z. A system of high quality requires a good system design, selection of the proper components as well as professional and safe mounting and installation. We therefore offer support for each of these areas:

System design. Developing a good system design to arrive at the optimal results at lowest costs, taking the yield, shadowing etc. into account.

Sales process – from costs per Wp to costs per kWh. Tools and advices for calculating the costs and yield of a PV system over a 30 year period, inclusive of the costs per kWh and a good insight in your margins etc.

Answers for your technical questions. While installing a solar energy system you may be confronted with technical challenges. We are here to help you in providing solutions related to the mounting of our solar modules.

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