Black Roof

Black Roof

X15-BR75 series

The sloped roof of the future is introduced by EXASUN: The BLACK ROOF system. A revolutionary breakthrough completely replacing roof tiles: a architectonical roof, durability over 30 years, highest performance and low cost. All you can ask for and more?

The BLACK ROOF system are small Black Glass modules of 60*82 cm ( 23.6*32.3 inch). These modules have a innovatieve mounting frame for easy and fast installation. The roof is protected for rain and hail proof up to 80 mm (3.15 inch) hailstones, ready for heavy weather/storms. The innovative water proof roof ventilation cools the roof and modules resulting in a higher performance and preserving the roof insulation.

The smaller BLACK ROOF modules make it possible to cover all roof/houses with PV. The elegant matching dummy modules complete the whole roof, even the most difficult corners or window connections.

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