EXASUN is a Dutch developer and producer of high quality solar modules for building integrated applications.

Best Investment

High performance and long durability make EXASUN modules in almost every case the best investment

Beautiful is also an option

Full roof – esthetically – frameless – fire proof; the most beautiful module also for building integration

High quality

Highly durable with long lasting high performance


Produced in The Netherlands

Our high quality module are developed and produced in The Netherlands

To maintain its leading position in the field of PV technology and building integration of PV, EXASUN has a strong R&D team with international academic back ground.

“Photovoltaic solar energy systems can make up an attractive part of houses and other buildings. Combining rear-contact solar cells with a high electricity yield, with a slim appearance and with the packaging between two glass plates, yields a robust roof element. Advanced technology combined with sustainability and durability.”

— Prof. Dr. Wim Sinke

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